The Risks of Slippery Floors

The saying, “Slippery when wet” is actually not a saying but a fact that warns. This is very useful which can even save a person’s life. Slip and fall are the two dangers of slippery floors. It may sound exaggerated but it’s a fragment of the truth. There have been cases in the past and still even at present where people suffer injuries and worst case scenario die because of simple slip or fall caused by wet slippery floors.

How does this happen to begin with since people can actually avoid it by just being careful? That’s exactly where the problem lies. People’s thoughts circle around what they think are more important may it be about school, work, or personal dilemma. They forget about what is happening around them.

This causes them to be unconcerned and careless which is the usual reason behind slip accidents. Slip and fall accidents are also common in children. Running around, they don’t notice areas that are slippery and unsteady which also results to slip accidents. Whatever the circumstances are, there is one common denominator that makes it all the same – carelessness. It turns out the slippery floors can actually cause no harm as long as people take notice and be mindful of it. But then it is an unavoidable human nature to, from time to time, worry and be insensitive about their surroundings. On the other hand, slippery floors can be remedied and given permanent solutions.

Before giving solutions on slippery floors, it is important to know why it has become slippery in the first place. Water is the common cause but there are a few more other causes that makes the flooring slippery. These are:oily surfaces, spills, weather hazards, loose rugs or mats, wet slopes and others.

These factors are taken into consideration. The companies then developed anti-slip treatments to address those problems and prevent slip accidents. Certain products are used like paint, tapes and the use of texture and special materials to make sure that the flooring even though wet or spilled with slippery substances can still take a firm grip to prevent slip and fall. These are known as anti-slip coating or anti-slip flooring. With this anti-slip treatments, one can walk freely and even a bit careless without tripping, or sliding through.

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