Refurnish your kitchen today!

Is your bathroom and kitchen wearing out? The first thing most people would think of is going out and replacing them. But wait, why replace when you can refinish?

Don’t throw away the good things along with the bad – only the bathroom and kitchen SURFACES looks worn out. Provide it with a new fresh refinish instead.

3-4 times cheaper – an average of only $600 onwards compared to the cost of $2400 for replacing a bathtub while looking just as good!

Can be simply done in a single day with no mess and stress whatsoever – while a complete replacement might take 1-3 weeks involving many processes such as installing new plumbing, moving walls and so on causing a lot of noise and nuisance.

  • Free Custom Quote & Assessment
  • Save Up to 80% of Replacement Costs
  • No Hacking No Hacking No Mess
  • Can be done in 2 days
  • 27 Years Experience in Refinishing

Our Testimonies

" Extremely professional, all work was explained in detail ahead of time and completed as I was told in the time frame that had been given to me. The work that was done was beautiful. I have to say I have not had efficiency and quality in a job like this for a long time, how refreshing to know there is still a company out there that strives for perfection and takes pride in the work they do as well as having a commitment to honesty. "

Vanessa Wang

" A great experience all around. Great communication and flexibility in the scheduling of visits for measurements, removal and installation. The work done was top notch! Our new cabinets are gorgeous and have transformed our kitchen. We highly recommend this company; they do excellent work! "

Yi Ling Hu


What can be resurfaced?
A new bath may cost less than a resurface. So why resurface?
Can I resurface the bath and tiles myself?
Why do quotes from different contractors vary so much?
Can all resurfacing be done in-situ at home?
How is surface preparation completed?