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Chiaki Enterprises Pte Ltd provides the range of products on marble, granite and natural stonecare, waterproofing repair/Permaflex/Liquid Rubber Base (LRB)/TAV, coating and machines for re -glazing and refinishing of bathtub, wall, countertop,… for commercial and residential projects.

Find out why people from all levels wanted to join this winning team? Start your own business today or add values to your existing business by following our step by step "Worldwide Restoration Systems".

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Stainless Steel Scratch Removal

“Worldwide Restoration Systems” is designed to remove stainless steel scratches while blending and oxidizing the newly restored metal to match the surrounding areas.

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The Original Color Chips Waterborne Epoxy Clearcoat

comes standard with the garage floor kits and is a great, safe, easy to use
thin-mil sealer for your epoxy floor
system whether it's on your garage
floor or in your basement. It's non-flammable, high gloss, and easiest to use.

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Anti-Slip Treatment / Coating
This is good for keeping all Kitchens, Bathrooms, Walkways, Pool decks tile floors, Bathtubs safe from Slip/Fall and bacterial growth when floors/bathrooms are wet or dry.

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 Bathtub Coating
You can use our products to give new life and luster to your bathtubs, tiles surfaces at a fraction of replacement cost.

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Marble & Stone Care Products
We have a wide range of Stone Care Products for Sealer / Impregnator, Maintenance, Cleaner, stain Remover, Polishing Machines, Diamond etc

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 Waterproofing Repair
Our Permaflex/LRB/TAV can be used for indoor/outdoor, repairing basement waterproofing or Swimming pool leaking.

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