Clean & Seal Restoration Systems

Why are we different from other general cleaning contractors?
My floors are badly stained. There is no chemical I could get off shelf to remove the stains myself and general cleaning contractor made it even worst. So the only choice is to hack it and install the new tiles?
So after engaging your cleaning services, the stains will be 100% removed and not seen?
My floor tiles have watermark stains. Can it be removed?
What are those white stuffs around the grout line of my tiles? Can it be removed?
What is sealer? What are the benefits of using a good sealer/impregnator?

Hardrock Safety Solution Anti-Slip Treatment

Is HARDROCK SAFETY SOLUTION ANTI SLIP TREATMENT the only treatment of its kind available?
Does HARDROCK SAFETY SOLUTION work on any hard floor surface?
Is the HARDROCK SAFETY SOLUTION on-going cleaner – Hardrock No Rinse Neutral Cleaner a chemically safe product to use?
What does the 5 year guarantee cover?
Can repeated scrubbing with other cleaners neutralize the Hardrock Safety Solution Anti-Slip Treatment?
Can bare concrete surface be treated?
Can a floor or bathtub be damaged because of the Hardrock Safety Solution application?

Refinishing Services

Is it so much cheaper than replacing the bathtub?
How does the refinished tub compare to the original porcelain finish on the tub? What about fiberglass? Other surfaces?
What types of surfaces can we refinish? Are there more being added?
Is polyurethane acrylic similar/better as compared to epoxy?
What about warranty? What does it cover?
How long am I supposed to leave it to dry/cure before utilizing it?
How should I maintain it after I have my items being refinished? Is it very troublesome?
Why replaced when it just need a new look? Ever doubt how your bathroom, kitchen etc. can ever look like those in the interior design magazines?

The Worldwide Restoration Systems – Why Choose Us

Why should I choose Worldwide Restoration Systems – Chiaki Enterprises Pte Ltd / Tubmaster Refinishing Pte Ltd?

Worldwide Waterproofing Systems

Why should I choose Worldwide Restoration Systems – Chiaki Enterprises Pte Ltd / Tubmaster Refinishing Pte Ltd?
Why are other waterproofing products or systems used or sold if they don’t work?
What other types of waterproofing systems are used or sold and why don’t they work?

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