Knowing Is Half the Battle: Anti Slip Flooring and Anti Slip Treatment!

Knowing is half the battle: Anti Slip Flooring and Anti Slip Treatment!

After finally getting that loan to build one’s dream home for their family, it’s common to see people fussing about the colour of the curtains, if the TV is in the position or if the floor tiles match the walls. What most new home owners tend to neglect is the safety of their home!

These days when you mention home safety, people immediately think of surveillance cameras. Yes , buglers may break into a home and get away with some jewellery that you have later replace but what about the slippery floor that may break your loved ones leaving them crippled for life?

What is Anti Slip Coating and Anti Slip Treatment?

If you know what you dealing with, it’s always easier to fight and prevent it from occurring again. Anti slip flooring focuses of designing a floor so that it minimizes the risk of slipping. With the floor now designed to reduce falls, one can go further by applying certain chemicals that help to keep the floor non- slippery. This step is known as anti-slip coating or anti slip treatment. The chemicals applied at this stage also help hinder the growth of bacteria that may facilitate conditions that lead to slippery surfaces.

Who can help?

Companies like Chiaki Worldwide have made it their goal to help make homes not only look great but also be safe to live in. This company provides anti slip flooring anti slip coating, anti slip treatment in Singapore and a few other countries in South East Asia. Their other services include reglazing bathtubs, refinishing bathtubs, marble polishing and ceiling cleaning services.

We live in a world that is past paced and people are more concerned with the aesthetics of things and they often forget that safety of their environment. To all home owners, how ask yourselves, “how safe is my home?”

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