Marble Polishing and Cleaning Services

The Washington Monument, Temple of Artemis, Statue of Lincoln and the Taj Mahal, all these great works have one thing in common, Marble!

What is Marble?

Marble belongs to a family of rocks known as calcareous rocks. It is metamorphosed limestone composed mostly of recrystallized carbonate minerals. Specifically calcite or dolomite and mainly calcium carbonate. Which is highly alkaline; this composition makes marble highly susceptible to surface etching by acid based contaminants. Marble is relatively soft when compared to other stones, such as Granite.

Types of Marble

The great thing about marble is that is comes if many types making it very versatile. Some common types of marble are:

  • Carrara ( Italy)
  • Pentelicus (Greece)
  • Proconnesus (Turkey)

The above mentioned are not the only types of marble as there are literally over a thousand types of marble. Marble is quarried all over the world in various colors and patterns.

Characteristics of Marble

  • Easy to carve and shape
  • Accepts polish easily
  • Weather resistant
  • Durable and can last for years and years

Uses of Marble

Due to its beauty marble is mostly used in architecture and sculpturing. In addition, because of its chemical properties it is used in agriculture and pharmaceuticals. In residences it is used for tiles, stairs and ornaments to name but a few uses.

Marble Maintenance

With the many varieties of marble that exist, each requires specific attention to maintain it. The purpose of maintenance is to preserve the stone’s original appearance, ensure (preserve) maximum slip-resistance and create a positive hygiene environment. This is extremely important as marble has no resistance to acids and can be adversely affected by some alkaline. In the market, most of the detergents are Alkaline based which always causes a BUILD-UP on the non-treated and treated surfaces, it will be causing the floor to be slippery. Our No Rinse Neutral Cleaner is recommended for the maintenance.

Chiaki Worldwide is of those companies that provide services such as marble polishing and cleaning in Singapore and other Asian countries.

The company has a range of top of the line products and tools designed to effectively clean and keep marble in its best state. They also offer restoration services to damaged Marble and other types of stone. Their basic product line consist of:

  • Clean & Seal Products
  • Defect Problem Solving Products
  • Maintenance Products
  • Polishing Machine / Diamond / Assy Products
  • Sealer / Protector / Impregnator Products
  • Stain Removal Products

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