Suitable Products for Your Waterproofing Needs

Water damage is one of the circumstances affecting many houses from the world over including problems on broken pipes and long-term exposure of the pipes it pass through start to make its way to erosion, rotting, decay and eventually collapse. Such damage may affect the salinity of the water flowing through it that can adversely affect the health of your loved ones.

Waterproofing prevents future disasters by acting in advance, proving best the maxim the prevention is always better than cure. If you are looking for products to help you in fixing water plumbing problems, Permaflex products are the rights items for you!

Each product of PermaFlex boasts of three unique qualities allowing it to completely waterproof and retain negative hydrostatic pressure unlike any other products in the world.

Firstly, it takes pride in its Flexible Penetration Technology which allows Permaflex to penetrate into the pores of the substrate to produce tiny solid rubber sealing plugs. Second on its lineup of unique qualities is the Elongation Memory Technology which ensures that when Permaflex products are compressed and relaxed, they maintain their original shape and size. The major cause of release of coatings is from powerful forces such as freeze or thaw cycles, ground water pressure, vibration and sudden shock. The third unique quality is its Permanent Flexibility which provides that Permaflex products never become brittle: they maintain flexibility and only become stronger with age without breaking down as other coatings do.

Permaflex breaks the weak convention of other products. Users can rest assured that there will be no worries about future repairs or structure damages by inhibiting Permaflex products’ ability to waterproof. Permaflex has the ability to molecularly bond, or weld to itself from new to old at any stage of curing or age. Indeed one of kind and insurmountable, as no other building material has this unique quality.

On the whole, PERMAFLEX products maintain permanent flexibility and never become brittle. They only become stronger with age as it penetrates deep into the pores of the substrate and produces tiny solid rubber sealing plugs. PermaFlex products of Chiaki Worldwide assure that all imperfections are filled and sealed the first time for the last time.

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