Maintenance Floor Machines Powered by High-Precision Technology for Trouble-Free Facade Cleaning

The sanitation of a place tells a lot about it. It speaks about professionalism and its values for health. Cleanliness, most especially in corporate offices must be visible from floor to ceiling, as it creates a positive appeal and ambience both to resident workers and visitors.

Since the floor is the most exposed area to all dust and dirt brought from the exterior of the area, it should be given utmost maintenance and cleaning attention. For large companies, it would be very unconventional to use just the traditional methods of cleaning floors. The new technology has modernized even this tiring task lessening effort and time needed to be toiled just to clean the entire area. These technological products or machines can be purchased or rented to serve the goal of cleaner area.

Chiaki Worldwide has a Maintenance Floor Machines, on which the basic ones are versatile and multi-purpose, usable for standard tasks such as floor scrubbing, polishing and stripping applications.

Meanwhile, the more deluxe models features Showerfeed Pad Driver, Solution Tank and Showerfeed Diamond Disc Driver with Splash Guard can aid in the restoration of marble, tile, terrazzo, stone and concrete and more.

What operates inside these marvelous machines?

(1) Built-In AMP Meter allows for constant monitoring of current draw and selection of the correct weight.

(2) Flexible Dual Triggers have left or right hand operation, which is non-conductive and comes with built-in safety lock-out to prevent accidental startup.

(3) Heavy Duty Switch and Reinforced Aluminum Apron is set in die cast aluminum switch box is sure to never chip or rust, for added strength and rigidity. It shields the transport wheels to prevent damage in the machine overall and is equipped with lift handles.

(4) All Steel Gear System Triple is planetary, permanently lubricated with specially designed flex coupler to guard against possible motor damage when under load.

(5) 50 Ft Power Cord Three wire grounded with water resistant jacket.

(6) Select-A-Weight System Includes two 10 lb discs and three 25 lb discs, allows operator to adjust surface pressure while staying within recommended amperage range.

(7) DC 1.5 HP Motor Rectified for AC operation with carbon brush wear indicator light.

(8) Wheel Support System Extra heavy reinforced six point cast aluminum.

(9) Diamond Disc Driver Unique Splash Guard System includes five quick change diamond mounting pads and Splash Guard skirt to contain slurry. Standard on deluxe models.

(10) 4 Gallon Solution Tank dispenses liquid for scrubbing, polishing and diamond cutting. Won’t rust or corrode. It is standard on deluxe models.

Façade cleaning can be very exhausting, but Chiaki Worldwide’s Maintenance Floor Machines, with its high-precision technology system are sure to make the arduous job trouble-free.

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