Different Types Protect Anti Slip Floor Coatings for Your Anti Slip Treatment

Even in the safety of homes or workplace, there can still be dangers to lives of everyone due to simple slip and fall accidents that may lead to serious injuries. Children, young people, adults and old people alike are all vulnerable to the hazard of it. Public and private companies know the risk of such that is why people came to solutions to address this problem.

Anti Slip Treatment is a highly important measure to take in preventing injuries caused by slippery floors like falling or slipping which may not only lead to injuries but even to death.

Chiaki Worldwide, a one stop surface restoration specialist for commercial and residential demands offers its own anti-slip solution which includes several options for different applications from commercial, industrial to residential purposes. Anti Slip Floor Paint Coatings is one of these services which come in form of rolls, strips, cleats and mats.

Anti-Slip Flooring or Anti Slip Floor Paint Coatings consists of pedestrian and vehicular grade for concrete, masonry, metal, wood and tile.

Among the paint coating types is the Clear Slip Resistant for use in pedestrian and light vehicular. It boasts of its tough, durable and convenient one component application. This product has resistance to rubber burns and scuffmarks, as well as many chemicals and oil spills. A one-component, gloss coating modified with epoxy ester for enhanced chemical resistance. It resists many chemicals including oil, grease, alcohol, mild solvents, cleaners, weak acids and alkalis. Moreover, it dries to a tough film that resists wear from foot or forklift traffic. Clear Slip Resistant is highly recommended for wooden floors, marble or granite and as a sealer on concrete to prevent dusting and deteriorating.

Color Slip Resistant with Integrated Traction for use in pedestrian and light vehicular has a single part with integrated silica type grit that provides a durable coarse non-slip surface. It is applicable to wood, concrete, marble, granite or steel surfaces that require safe footing. It is resistant to gasoline, acids and most oils and also resists hydraulic oils, grease, alcohol and more.

Epo Tuff is usable for Epoxy Vehicular Grade Anti Slip Protection (Two Part System). This type of coating is a high-solids, high-build and slip resistant epoxy protective coating for tough industrial environments. It is especially formulated to solve complex slip injury problems, with minimal surface preparation.

These coatings are designed to permit application directly to tightly adhering rust and intact old paint and are highly suitable for factories, warehouses, parking garages and tow-motor traffic.

Last on the lineup is the UV Anti Slip Coating with Integrated Traction that is a durable coating that contain special additives to create slip-resistant surfaces. This coating is premixed with the anti slip additive integrated into the product. This non-chlorinated rubber resin coating is formulated for use on interior and exterior new or old concrete, wood and steel surfaces. Moreover, the tough anti-slip characteristic of this coating reduces slippage on potentially slippery areas. UV Anti Slip Coating with Integrated Traction is resistant to weathering, abrasion and mild chemicals. It is very ideal for around pools, steps, ramps, sidewalks and others and is recommended for indoors and outdoors applications like swimming pool decks, stamped unsealed patterned concrete, office buildings, shopping malls and plazas, supermarkets and retail stores, schools, warehousing and more.

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