Bath Time with Chiaki Worldwide

Bath Time with Chiaki Worldwide

After a long day of stress at work, nothing spoils a much needed supposed be soothing bath like finding chipped bathtub peels on the inside of your water or a rusted patch on the side.

A knight in shiny amour appears in the form a company called Chiaki Worldwide that specializes in reglazing and refinishing bathtubs in Singapore and a few other Asian countries. The company offers a line of three products that will have any bathtub good as new. These are the, Glas-Tech 9000 process, Glas-Tech 9100 24 Hours Dry High-Gloss Topcoat Resin System and Stone Flecks Multi-Color Multi-Purpose Coating System.

The Glas- Tech 9000 Process

Whether in commercial or home projects, bathroom fixtures become prone to chipping and cracking during construction. The Glas- Tech 9000 procedure works on porcelain, ceramic, and fiberglass or acrylic surfaces. This process has the ability to join to the original surface restoring chipped one’s bathroom to it’s former glossy and crack free version.

Chiaki Worldwide uses high end quality compounds and a time tested process that boasts of over 5,000,000 successful repairs worldwide. Employees will color match the process to the old color scheme, the bathtub will look as good a when it was bought. Other benefits of the Glas-Tech 9000 process are:

  • it repairs cracks and removes stains
  • inexpensive thus saves money

Glas-Tech 9100 24 Hours Dry High-Gloss Topcoat Resin System

The Glas-Tech 9100 24 Hour Cure Topcoat system is great for commercial constructions where downtime is essential because it dries really fast. It is this drying time that makes this process unique from the others. Chiaki Worldwide stands out because this systems repairs within 24 hours instead of 48 hours to 72 hours normally offered by competitors.

Stone Flecks Multi-Color Multi-Purpose Coating System

Here the customer gets to choose over a range of different colors to refinish their bathtub. Stone-Flecks is a unique multicolor topcoat system, which contains modified polymer particles suspended within a water based paint system. It can be sprayed on vertical surfaces such as walls and tiles.

When properly applied, duplicates the appearance of a stone or solid surface countertop. Most of all it is easy to use.

With that in mind hurry on to Chiaki Worldwide for bathtub reglazing and refinishing!

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