Anti Slip Tapes, Effective Anti Slip Solution for Homes and Establishments

Just imagine how hard it would be to hear about people suffering from the injuries of slip and fall accidents; injuries which could have been prevented only if necessary safety measures were employed.

The accidents caused by falling or slipping have been recorded as the leading cause of injuries in the world that at worse situations, can lead to death even. Everyone – children, youths, adults and old people alike are all susceptible to the danger of it. It is a very serious matter that should not be overlooked as it can happen everywhere even in the safety of your home or workplace. Public and private companies know the risk of such that is why people came to solutions to address this problem.

Anti-Slip Treatment is a highly important measure to take in preventing injuries caused by slippery floors like falling or slipping which may not only lead to injuries but even to death.

Chiaki Worldwide, a one stop surface restoration specialist for commercial and residential demands offers its own anti-slip solution which includes several options for different applications from commercial, industrial to residential purposes. Anti-Slip Safety Tapes is one of these services which come in form of rolls, strips, cleats and mats.

There are the Color Series Safety Tapes, hard wearing product designed for application in commerce and industry. The contact adhesive has excellent bonding to clean sound surfaces with good instant grip. It is highly recommended for high traffic areas where wet or slippery floors may expose the user to slip injury. It likewise consists of a hard wearing aluminum oxide grit profile bonded to a tough substrate.

The surface of the tape is resistant to water, grease, detergents and oils. Moreover, it provides a simple and quick application as it is self adhesive. The simple step of peeling off makes the application much easier, just requiring for you to release liner and place into position with firm pressure.

Photoluminescent Grit Tape on the other hand is the type of tape which can be used in an emergency situation. During such, there is always the possibility of panic and the risk of serious injury to slips and falls. The use of Photoluminescent Grit Tape is highly effective as it becomes instantly visible in the event of darkness, making it ideal for stairs and other potentially slick surfaces that are part of your low-level emergency egress system. Designed for indoor and safety applications such as egress markings in building, marine, rail, and a military applications. Photoluminescent tape absorbs and stores energy from ambient light which works the magic on the science of it.

Last on the list is the Regular Anti Slip Vinyl Tape which is suitable for showers, bathtubs, stairs, treads, locker rooms, therapy rooms, swimming pools, aquatic equipment and many more applications. This is barefoot friendly and mop friendly applicable for indoor wet use.

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