6 Ways to Avoid Slips and Falls from a Slippery Floor

Sometimes we experience this momentary lapse from having an attentive mind. When we are boggled by a problem or baffled by a certain riddle in our life we tend to be careless about other things. We ignore the less important ones and put our attention more on our thoughts which are not physically affecting us. In unfortunate circumstances, we end up slipping, tripping, or falling and consequently suffer from injuries of a bad fall or landing on the floor. No one is actually spared from this even if you are in a luxurious and fancy places, at home, or at work.That is why it is important to practice preventive measures to avoid such scenario and be spared from avoidable accidents.

There are 6 ways on how people can avoid slips and falls. You can make use of the following tips to keep everyone from suffering injuries from a bad fall:

1. Put signage or reminders
People who are in an inattentive disposition always need reminders and signs for them to realize and exercise caution. The signs would help people be aware that something could most probably happen if they don’t follow the sign.

2. Keep the area dry and clean
The habit of cleaning and keeping an area dry at all times can prevent unnecessary trip accidents. A clean environment is not always about hygiene but can also be for safety purposes.

3. Provide good lighting
People who usually trip and slip are those who are not able to see the wet or uneven surface. By providing sufficient lighting, the wet areas may be easily avoided or even immediately cleaned.

4. Wear proper shoes
There shoes that can hold a firm grip to the floor but there also some shoes that doesn’t go well with different kinds of floors. Wear the shoes that aren’t adversely reacting with the common kinds of flooring.

5. Leave those worries behind!
Most of the slip cases happen to those who think about their concerns as if their minds are not coordinating with their body. They walk but are not fully attentive with what they’re doing. Leave those worries behind as it won’t do you any good and it may even cause you to trip and be embarrassed in public.

6. Anti-slip treatment options
If you want a more fixed safety measure, consider the anti-slip treatments. They are not dependent on the person’s state and alertness but are actually working for their safety instead. These anti-slip treatments address the main cause of the slip which are the slippery and uneven flooring. They offer anti-slip coating through paints, tapes and other materials which prevents the flooring from being slippery regardless of the situation- rainy weather, occasional spills etc.

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