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Imitation Stone Finishes Waterproofing Repair
Hardrock Stonecare Anti-slip Treatment

Our Gallery - Anti-slip Treatment

Anti-Slip Treatment
“Anti-Slip” Coating
Anti-Slip Safety Tape

Slippery areas causing Slip/Falls

Public Traffic Walkways
Pool Decks
Manufacturing Plants
Automative Service Areas

Anti-Slip Treatment

Bathroom Floor Slippery


Produces a Superior Slip resistant Services.
Repel Micro-Organisms (Blocks Bacterial Growth).
Preserve Grout As a Result of Fluorination.
Restore a New-Like Appearance in an Completely Ecologically Balance Manner.

Anti-Slip Treatment Services

Singapore American School

Marina Bay Sands


Mandarin Oriental Singapore
Waterproofing Repair
Our Permaflex/LRB/TAV can be used for indoor/outdoor, repairing basement waterproofing or Swimming pool leaking.
Marble & Stone Care Products
We have a wide range of Stone Care Products for Sealer / Impregnator, Maintenance, Cleaner, stain Remover, Polishing Machines, Diamond etc
Bathtub Coating, Imitation Stone Finish & Accessories
You can use our products to give new life and luster to your bathtubs, tiles surfaces at a fraction of replacement cost.
Anti-Slip Treatment
This is good for keeping all Kitchens, Bathrooms, Walkways, Pool decks tile floors, Bathtubs safe from Slip/fFall and bacterial growth when floors/bathrooms are wet or dry.
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