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Imitation Stone Finishes Waterproofing Repair
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Remover Of Algae On Paver Tiles

On Guard Electrostatic Degreaser


Hardrock Poulticing Powder may be used to remove stains from marble, travertine, granite, terrazzo, limestone, and other masonry surfaces. On very old or deep stains several treatments may be needed for maximum stain removal.

KLCC - Twin Tower Clean & Seal Restoration

Granite & Marble Restoration

USA User’s Reference
Hardrock Catalogue
Granite Floor Restoration
Marble Façade Restoration
Marble Floor Restoration
Marble Wall Chip & Crack Repair
KLCC Suria Shopping Mall Maintenance

Granite & Marble Restoration

USA User’s Reference Projects
Tianjin High Court Lobby
Product used: Hardrock Marble Polish - FP 6001 for Daily Maintenance
Conrad International Hotel Lobby Entrance
Waterproofing Repair
Our Permaflex/LRB/TAV can be used for indoor/outdoor, repairing basement waterproofing or Swimming pool leaking.
Marble & Stone Care Products
We have a wide range of Stone Care Products for Sealer / Impregnator, Maintenance, Cleaner, stain Remover, Polishing Machines, Diamond etc
Bathtub Coating, Imitation Stone Finish & Accessories
You can use our products to give new life and luster to your bathtubs, tiles surfaces at a fraction of replacement cost.
Anti-Slip Treatment
This is good for keeping all Kitchens, Bathrooms, Walkways, Pool decks tile floors, Bathtubs safe from Slip/fFall and bacterial growth when floors/bathrooms are wet or dry.
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