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Bathtub Coating, Imitation Stone Finish & Accessories

Basic product line :

1) The Glas-Tech 9000 process

On large commercial projects like new hotels or condominium, it is common for bathroom fixtures to be chipped or damaged during the construction process. These fixtures can be quickly and inexpensively repaired using the Glas-Tech 9000 process. Chipped, cracked, or damaged bathroom fixtures are restored to a factory new look eliminating the need for replacement and expensive delays in job completion. The secret lies in the ability of the Glas-Tech 9000 process bond to the original surface. Colors are custom matched at the jobsite to ensure a quality repair. AMERICAN STANDARD, KOHLER, ELGER, BRIGGS, CRANE.

Professional repairs utilizing the Glas-Tech 9000 process are made to last. Using only the highest quality compounds our process is time tested and backed by over 5,000,000 successful repairs worldwide. The Glas-Tech 9000 process works on porcelain, ceramic, and fiberglass or acrylic surfaces. Our experienced team of repair technicians can be depended upon to meet your construction schedule and complete all repairs to your satisfaction. Even bathtub manufacturers use Glas-Tech 9000 for repairs!

Repair cracks, remove stains
Save money
Quality work
The repair choice for Construction Professionals
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2) Glas-Tech 9100 24 Hours Dry High-Gloss Topcoat Resin System

The Glas-Tech 9100 24 Hour Cure Topcoat system incorporates all of the unbeatable characteristics of the excellent benefit of a no-bake, next day dry topcoat for hotel/motel and other commercial applications, where downtime is critical. This system is applied like our regular Glas-Tech, yet dries to caulk in only one hour at 68°F, and may be put into service the very next day. This breakthrough in resin technology results in a true next day resin system, eliminating many of the performance problems of older resin systems that have traditionally been accelerated with liquid dryers, such as brittleness, peeling and general coating failure. Outpace the Competition By offering next-day service to your customers, you can “out-spec” competitors who are offering only 48 or 72 hour dry times. 24 HOUR DRY TOPCOAT RESIN SYSTEM A two components high solids, high performance acrylic urethane. The fully cross linked aliphatic ASTM Type 5 urethane system is extremely durable and is the most proven long-term coating available today in the world. Recent advances in hybrid metals technology has resulted in a formula breakthrough that is the envy of other coatings. Glas-Tech 9100 does not use an accelerator addictive, like others, that leaves the coating soft and dull, and can destroy the long term coating lifespan required by today’s competitive market. Tested and approved by Hawk, the Glas-Tech 9100 resin system reaches full chemical cure in a fraction of the time normally needed. Catalyze with regular Glas-Tech 9000 Catalyst and Reducer. Available in white and all standard colors.


Your residential customers will love getting their bathrooms back into service in just one day, and your commercial accounts will immediately recognize the profits they will keep if they use YOUR refinishing company! Less Downtime Which Means Earn Extra Revenue for Hotel/Motel By offering Glas-Tech 9100 24 Hour Cure as a premium service, your company can complete all levels, in all markets, and offer different grades of service.
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3) Stone Flecks Multi-Color Multi-Purpose Coating System

Is versatile coating. Why not find out what thousands of refinishers are learning every day, the versatility of having a multi-color coating available to refinish a multitude of different surfaces. Expand your business opportunities to be able to refinish countertops, cabinets, tile, and even walls. Add Stone-Gard for a superior durable finish that will last years and build up your business today! Stone-Flecks is a unique multicolor topcoat system, which contains modified polymer particles suspended within a water based paint system. This product, when properly applied, duplicates the appearance of a stone or solid surface countertop. It is easy to use. You can use your existing HVLP Sprayer to easily apply Stone- Flecks. With only a few adjustments to your spray gun and some minimal training you can use Stone-Flecks today. Expand your Business by Stone-Flecks opens up your possibilities by helping you expand your business. You are now able to compete with solid surface such as stone or granite countertops. You are even able to spray Stone- Flecks on vertical surfaces such as walls and tile. With addition of Stone-Gard you will be able to spray Stone- Flecks on the most demanding of surface and have it stand up to all types of wear. See what all the refinishers are talking about...

Stone-Flecks. Why not try it today?

Stone-Flecks deliver you to a new era of surface refinishing technology. Stone-Flecks are well suited to cover existing countertops with minimal effort. Using an effective system of color matched Ultra- Grip 4000 primer it exhibits super hiding characteristics, which means less product sprayed than other coatings. This means more coverage per gallon… and most importantly, a lower cost per square foot. More value for your refinishing dollar. And more profits for you!

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Waterproofing Repair
Our Permaflex/LRB/TAV can be used for indoor/outdoor, repairing basement waterproofing or Swimming pool leaking.
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We have a wide range of Stone Care Products for Sealer / Impregnator, Maintenance, Cleaner, stain Remover, Polishing Machines, Diamond etc
Bathtub Coating, Imitation Stone Finish & Accessories
You can use our products to give new life and luster to your bathtubs, tiles surfaces at a fraction of replacement cost.
Anti-Slip Treatment
This is good for keeping all Kitchens, Bathrooms, Walkways, Pool decks tile floors, Bathtubs safe from Slip/fFall and bacterial growth when floors/bathrooms are wet or dry.
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